I love the staff at Advanced Neuropathy! They had empathy for what I was going through and I felt like they truly cared. I would definitely recommend them if you are having neuropathy troubles!

Donna F

This was the weekend of the Hyde Park Street Fair here in Boise. Three grands and my daughter and I walked, bumped, dodged and shuffled and shopped around the event at Camel's Back Park for more than 3 hours. My daughter queried me, "Mom, why aren't you whining about your tired, achy feet?"
"They aren't bothering me!" What? I had to realize what I had said. My feet were not causing me a lot of pain.
Yeah!! Advanced Neuropathy Center!!

Judy A

Friendly knowledgeable caring staff was all these very satisfied with visit

James B

Wonderful experience! Everyone here is so nice and helpful. They really care about improving your health. Big shout out to Olivia and Jessie. So great to work with and so supportive. Front desk staff is always welcoming and caring. Two weeks into treatment for peripheral neuropathy and beginning to see results! Thanks so much!

Tracey G.

I'm just starting my treatments and love it. I'm in my 2nd week and I'm really starting to feel differences in my body and in my balance that I have not been able to achieve otherwise. I have MS. The staff is friendly and Livi who gives me my treatments is very caring and supportive. She is caring and takes good car

Charolette O.

I started with Advanced Neuropathy Center in March 2022. I was having numbness in my feet and no provider I saw had any answers for me. I saw an ad on FB for a free consultation and thought what the heck, if it's a scam I'm not out anything. Believe me they are no scam. I am slowly getting feeling back in the soles of my feet. Dr. Griffin and his staff are very professional and friendly

Barb L.

Great staff, very friendly and professional. I've been on their treatment program for about 6 weeks and I definitely have noticed a big improvement.

Steve H.

I was very worried about my legs and feet, thinking the worst was in store for me.. Now after two months I have my life back. I highly recommend them.

John W.

the team here are really friendly and know what they are doing. I had great results and feel so much better! Would recommend to anyone who is having problems with their feet.

Linda Y.

Hesitant to call after seeing the ad but speaking with the front desk staff immediately allayed my concerns. ( I had been searching for an evaluation for neuropathy.)

The office manager is quite knowledgeable and affable. Dr Griffin is equally affable but no-nonsense and actually explained what he was doing as he did it..

You have nothing to lose by having the initial no-charge thermography and possibly a lot to gain with a treatment plan.

Sharon L.

"I went in this morning to meet with Dr. Griffin and to see if he could work with me in my situation. I was made to feel very comfortable by both the staff and Dr. Griffin. The pre-visit video did a great job explaining the different cases that they help and how that help is performed. He unfortunately wasn't able to help me and explained very articulating to me, the reasons why. He answered all my questions and not only was very friendly but I felt completely unrushed. It's a very top notch establishment in my opinion. I have the utmost respect for him and his office. The 7 or 8 patients that I encountered while I was waiting all seemed to be happy and treated respectfully as well.

D. Dorough

At 66 years old, I'm to young to hang it up. I'm so looking forward to seeing results from the treatments and home protocols that I'm going to be following. The staff at this facility are very friendly and informative. Today marks my 3rd in office treatment and I have been doing the home protocols for 4 weeks now and I truly believe its helping. I highly recommend this facility to help you regain feeling in your lower legs and feet. Ted Faubel

Ted and Margie

Advance Regenerative was very receptive to my medical issues, primarily Neuropathy. Visiting this establishment was like a breath of fresh air. They listened to my concerns, tested me and determind I did, in fact, had neuropathy. After 2 year of being told I did not have neuropathy. I was place on a plan to rebuild the nerves effected. I am excited to be working with Advanced Regenerative Medicine

Vicky A.

I am so happy that I "bit the bullet" and decided to try an alternative therapy to conventional knee replacements. First off, the staff in this office is above and beyond in their caring attitudes, superior knowledge and true desire for quality patient outcomes. Together as a "team" we decided to do stem cell injections in both knees and after a quick, easy procedure I waited for results. Let me assure you, the wait was well worth it and the results have been AMAZING! My Border Collies are so pleased that I can now keep up with them and their lives have improved almost as much as mine. I highly recommend this 5 Star office - to me they are now not only friends but MIRACLE WORKERS!

Linda K.

Last year my ankle was crushed by a horse. The bones healed well, but since the beginning of this year, the ankle has been going numb (8+ times per day depending on what I was doing that day) and causing me to roll it several times a day causing an excessive stretch in the outer tendons and ligaments. The ankles swelling was hard all the way across like touching the bone. My Dr wants to do surgery at the end of September. I was willing to try anything to avoid surgery, so I decided there's no harm in trying to use my own body's immune system to help heal itself before surgery. Today marks 2 weeks since my first PRP injection and I am mind blown by the results! The last 3 days it's only gone numb 1-2 times per day and the duration of the numbness has decreased! The swelling around the ankle bone looks like mild swelling now and is soft instead of hard like it was! And the best part...the strength is coming back already! The day before my injection, I sat on a horse for about 5 min and my ankle was very angry! Yesterday I rode for 45 min (light riding) but got off and had no residual swelling or pain! I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with my experience!


Everyone here is amazing, caring and professional, they greet you with a smile and listen to what you have to say or ask. The price is fair, and they worked with me to make sure I could get the treatment I needed quickly. But best of all IT WORKS! I have very severe neuropathy, I have had it for over 10 years and the pain is excruciating and keeps me from sleeping, driving, and so many other things so much of the time. Neuropathy has quite literally taken over my life, and my family have to deal with me being grumpy and impossible to be around because of the lack of sleep and the over all pain. I had 79% nerve loss in my feet and legs and it was also in my hands so life was becoming more and more difficult to do just the normal things, let alone anything fun. I was told at 80% you are over the edge of the chance of anything working to recover the nerves, and my future was a wheelchair or worse amputation. I have been getting the treatments and doing the home protocol religiously, I was told if it is going to work I need to do my part, so I did, and had my first recheck to see if it was working for me or not.... IT WORKS! in just 6 weeks I am now at 59% I got a 20%improvment in my nerve function in just 6 weeks, and though it will be different for everyone, my case was on the worst case side! I am over the moon, I am literally getting my life back just a bit at a time. I am so grateful to everyone there, but especially Stacy, she puts up with my whining and always gives me a positive outlook on my treatments, always with a smile, she cares, about all her clients, you can tell, I am sure everyone does but she has been helping me since I started and I cannot thank her enough, I cried today, happy tears, if you are not sure if it is worth it, do not even think again GO, you have everything to loose if you do not try, your feet, legs, your independence. And if it does not work you are out a bit of money, but in my opinion what they are doing for me is priceless. If you or a loved one suffer from neuropathy just go! Please, give them a chance to give to you what they have given me! and my family!

Tina T

Dr Griffin and his staff are so professional so knowledgeable and so compassionate. When they say free consultation it is a free consultation plus an exam plus time spent with the doctor plus times spent with the staff at no cost and it is a step that everyone should take. There's others around that say they're free but they're not advanced regenerative medicine stands by their word if they say it's free it is next your follow-up appointment where the doctor goes over the plan he feels best fits your situation that is also free. Dr Griffin and his staff go above and beyond I am truly amazed at The compassion they have for their patients and clients. I myself am being treated for peripheral neuropathy and it works I just had my fist treatment today. And I do all my in-home treatments everyday Plus I drink his nutritional drink which is filled with everything your body needs to run smoothly and help heal itself. After my first treatment I had an hour of no pain whatsoever in my feet after being in pain and burning for so many years I had forgotten what no pain felt like it was so overwhelming and wonderful after my second treatment I had 4 hours of no pain I know it may not sound like a long time for some people but it's like celebration time for someone who has been in excruciating pain for years. Dr Griffin his staff I can't say enough. The consultation is free the follow-up is free don't wait the longer you wait the worse your condition gets don't listen to the other guys that charge you after you talk to him or before you talk to him cuz they're out there Dr Griffin is willing to give a piece of himself and his expertise for no charge whatsoever and no pressure whatsoever. They have changed my life let them do that for you

Natalie L

The whole process was very professional and the treatment we received was comfortable. Awesome staff!

Katharine G.

Excellent explanation of medical needs. Appreciate assistance with treatments and discussion of what is happening and adjustments needed as we go.

Vikki B.

Wonderful experience everyone was helpful and explained everything very well! We're all signed up to do the treatment

Steve C.

Everyone is kind and courteous. I am already seeing a difference after 6 treatments. I can walk and stand longer. I love how pleasant everyone is and they let you know you are important to them!

Maureen K.

I thought I would have to live with neuropathy the rest of my life. If you are having numbness come see if they can help you the way they are helping me.

Roger H.

They have done more for me in 2 weeks than my doctor has in 6 years. They are a great bunch and they actually care about the people they treat. Highly recommend them.

Patrick R.

I have to say some of the symptoms that I have experienced which includes burning, tingling and prickling. I've had sharp shooting pains which kind of feels like an electrical shock and in my feet and sometimes in my hands.I was always told to diet and take Gabapentin for the pain by my doctor and specialist.This place has given me hope again that they can correct this by the treatments they have to offer. They explained how they can help me improve my way of life.
I suggest you atleast go listen to what they can do for you.

David W.

I have enjoyed coming in for treatments. The staff is knowledgeable and kind. I am having good results and referring my friends.

Vickie M.

This is the VERY BEST place to get your NEUROPATHY treatment taken care of 12 weeks & it's GONE The Staff is GREAT too VERY FRIENDLY also

Debbie T.

My feet were losing their feeling. I decided to try a free evaluation from Advanced Neuropathy. I was shown the extent of my neuropathy and what my options were. I chose to try their process, which have helped my feet regain much of their feeling again! They are very kind here and are willing to help you meet your goals!

Ed H.

Just beginning my healing experience. Everyone has been very helpful and knowledgeable.

Rick T.

Very kind and professional. Experience so far has been educational as well as helpful. Started seeing changes right away.


It's always a pleasant and relaxing experience with my appointment. Everyone is very helpful and very friendly!
And there's always a chance to win at Bingo?

Marge C

The people are very professional, polite and the atmosphere is very welcoming.

Dennis H

Courteous , and knowledgeable

Ronald S

Did very well on explaining things to me very friendly staff

Tina M

Livi and the whole staff is great. Making great progress! Thanks!

Bill Roberts

Livi does a great job answering my questions and getting me back to work ASAP. Professional and very friendly.

Billy Foster

I just enrolled in the program. Only two days with your technician Livi. She has been very informative and enjoyable to be around. She keeps control of each patient and is well organized. I Also appreciate Mindy's friendliness and smile. Well organized and informative. Of course, Jessi sold me on the program.
I'm wondering if 99% sensory loss is the highest score in the clinic?

Samuel Efnor

I've been being treated at Advanced Neuropathy Center for several weeks now. It has been a great experience. I look forward to seeing all the staff every week, especially Livia, who does my treatments. Anyone who is experiencing neuropathy should definitely get a free screening here.

Ken Freeze

I'm happy with my results. I've just completed 12 weeks and looking forward to continued improvement, but had some improvement even early on. The program requires commitment on several levels but it has been worth it for me. The staff is great--always friendly and professional.

Richard Presnell

Everyday that I go in, I am greeted by name at the door and as soon as possible walk back to Livi's room. She is always ready and excited to treat me and does an excellent job in that. While receiving the treatment, she has a great ability to keep each of the patients involved in conversation allowing the treatment time to go quicker and be more comfortable. I have enjoyed her efforts and would recommend her to others.

Stephen Morrison

Livi was very caring and interested in each individual. She was helpful with any questions and wanted it to be a good experience.

Keith Borup