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To excel the healing process, Dr. Griffin at Advanced Neuropathy Center may recommend certain at home therapies. Before these recommendations can be made, schedule a time for a consultation and exam. This insures the best plan of action in your healing process. Our clinical staff in Meridian, ID will educate you on the proper techniques for at-home therapies so you can take an active approach to your healing process. We'll also be here to help if questions or concerns arise.

Ask us any questions about at-home nerve therapy when you speak with us today.

Check out how you can care for neuropathy at home

There are plenty of options for at-home nerve therapy. We can send you home with:

  • A Neurolight boot: This boot uses infrared light to ease pain or poor circulation on the plantar plate of your foot. While it is high-quality, it is easy to use and has a straightforward design. This device can also be used to treat neuropathy in your hands.
  • A ReBuilder: This FDA-approved neuroelectric therapy device rebuilds your nerves with a waveform adjusted to your needs. It can calm your nerves and increase blood flow, which causes nerves to heal. This footbath is safe and effective for people with chronic nerve pain.
  • Nerve regeneration supplements and nutritional protocols: Our staff will give you protocols to help improve your symptoms. We provide a progress tracking system to help you keep up with your intake and exercise. We also will teach you about the recommended Paleo diet.

Learn more about at-home therapies when you get in touch with us today.

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